Sky Realty’s Code of Ethics

At Sky Realty, we don’t just follow the rules of conduct that property professionals must follow by law, we go above and beyond, because we don’t see this as an obligation. We are driven by our core values that influence our business dealings with each and every person we meet.

This allows us to offer services to the highest standards and create worthwhile experiences for our customers.

We conduct our real estate business and live by our values, so that you get premium services that outshine our competitors.

How Do We Make A Difference?

Our goal is to promote and maintain the ‘Sky Reality Experience’ with Honesty, Reliability, Professionalism, and Expertise.

This includes serving people with honesty and integrity to create long term relationships.


Provide genuine support and competent advice during each property transaction.

Tailored Solutions

Actively engage and listen to each client's individual needs and goals and formulate a tailored solution to cater to those needs and goals.

Cost-Effective Approach

Work with qualified and reliable tradespeople on recommended repairs and rectification work. This way, it will stand better for sale or lease in a cost-effective manner.


Work hard to build a sustainable and lasting relationship with each of our clients. We do that by striving to surpass our client’s expectations with each and every property transaction.

 Values that underpin our Code of Ethics


Communicate openly and honestly with clients, customers, colleagues, and any other person that deals with Sky Realty.

Treat others the way you want to be treated

We approach things by asking ourselves this simple question, ‘If it were my property, what would I do?’ and then go on about conducting business and providing recommendations accordingly.


Approach every situation with intense enthusiasm and excitement. This is paramount in real estate transactions.


We never, ever give up until we achieve our client's goals, as well as our own.


Provide premium service that exceeds the expectations of our clients.


We don’t overcomplicate the process and keep things uncomplicated and easy to understand.


Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We hold ourselves responsible for complying with our duties under all laws and regulations relating to your real estate employment, in line with the ‘Property and Stock Agents Regulation 2014’.

Continuing education for our team members to:

Actively understand the laws which affect or relate to Sky Realty’s operations. We regularly discuss new laws and implement systems that continues to enhance the operation of the business.

Interpret the law in a way that reinforces Sky Realty’s reputation for integrity.

We Keep Your Confidential Information Safe!

The obligation to preserve confidential information as defined by law and provided by our clients during or after their relationship with the agency will stay intact. These obligations are must to follow and don’t cease upon completion of each property transaction.